【Age】9 months old

  (Est. born on November 15, 2018)
【Weight】17.5 kg

Lucy was a stray living on the street. At first, although Lucy always wander in the neighbourhood alone, the rescuer thought Lucy had a home because she was so well-behaved, but after a week of observation, it turned out Lucy was indeed a stray living on the street. The rescuer took Lucy to the vet and no microchip was found, so she decided to took her home and care for her until she is now ready to join her own furever home!!

Lucy has a great temperament and she is very well-behaved! Lucy is great with people and especially loves kids. She is not afraid of strangers and will let strangers to pet her as well. Lucy is great with other dogs and loves the accompany of other dogs. Because she is more submissive when being with other dogs, she often get bullied by other dogs, but she is still friendly towards those who are not nice to her. If the other dog is playful with Lucy, Lucy can be very playful with them as well! Lucy is also great with cats that she is calm when cats are around, but she is not interested to interact with the cats. Lucy loves treats, and she doesn't guard her food/treat/toys against people or other dogs. We think Lucy doesn't even know what "guarding" is! Lucy is house-trained and overall a great companion for both people and other dogs!