Lucky *Adopted*


【Age】About 6.5 months old

  (As of July 2018)


【Weight】12 kg


Lucky and his littermates were born in the wild to a mother who could not protect them. The litter was attacked by other strays, and Lucky was found running on the road all alone. He was rescued by a car that was passing by, and was later put in his current foster home. Despite this harrowing experience, Lucky never lost his fondness for humans. He loves meeting new human and dog friends, and is a super active and energetic goofball! He is great with kids but is afraid of cats. Like all puppies, Lucky is curious of everything and just wants to run and run with his friends all day! He starts chewing on wood furniture edges when he has nothing to do, so the best way to avoid that is to let this little guy take out his energy on outdoor, healthy activities, such as fetching, his favourite!


Lucky is well-socialized and learning proper behaviours from his foster siblings at the moment, and will be even more well-behaved with more training at his new home. He is mostly house-trained; he knows to pee on the pad inside and to do his business on the grass outside. Currently he is walked twice a day. The most important thing in his life is food (this is universal). He sometimes barks when left alone at home, but if you gave him a Greenie prior to leaving he would focus 100% of his attention on chewing and forgetting to bark! Lucky is the perfect dog to lighten up your life! He’s hoping his new family will show him all the lovely outdoor activities Vancouverites enjoy in the summer! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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