【Age】12 months old

  (As of August 2019)


【Weight】17 kg


Lolo was abandoned by the sea and survived on salt water and dead fish. Fortunately, a volunteer found her early on, and began feeding her regularly. Lolo was very shy and timid around people at first, but after continuous socialization training for seven months, Lolo has started to build up her confidence around strangers and she will let strangers to pet her if they approach her gentling and slowly.


Although it will take sometime and patience for Lolo to warm up to strangers, she loves getting close to people she trusts for friendly interactions and nice pettings. Lolo especially likes to get close to children, therefore, a family with children will help Lolo to warm up much sooner! Lolo is also playful with other dogs once she warms up to them. Lolo loves to be accompanied by people or other dogs and she might get a bit uneasy when being left alone in a big house that she will need further trainings to be independent. A family with another dog(s) in the household will definitely help Lolo to warm up and be more confident as well. Lolo has a quiet and calm temperament, but she loves to play outdoors a lot more than staying indoors! Lolo is house-trained and she is fully-grown. An ideal family for Lolo will be a family who enjoys outdoor activities and with children and another dog at home. Lolo will be a great companion for outdoor activities and she is looking forward to find her furever family with an active lifestyle!


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British Columbia, Canada

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