Lola *Adopted*


【Age】About 4 months old

(as of April 2018)


【Weight】7.8 kg


Lola and her puppy friend were found in a poor state by rescuers, possibly mistreated by the negligent owner. Both were not fed properly, and were visibly malnourished. Rescuers rushed the puppies to the vet, and after a long custody battle the original owner finally agreed to give up Lola and her friend to a foster family, in hopes of finding them permanent, loving homes.


Despite this unfortunate beginning, Lola has a warm and sweet personality. She is great with both dogs and cats, and is currently undergoing great socialization training. Lola is obedient and mild-tempered, and would make a great family companion! As a Formosan Mountain dog mix, Lola will grow into a medium-sized dog, and still has lots to learn in terms of proper canine manners and basic commands. Inquire today for more information on Lola, and on how to provide for this devoted girl the loving home she deserves!

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British Columbia, Canada

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