Lola  *Adopted*

【Age】6 months
【Weight】13.9 kg 

Lola is a mellow 6-month-old puppy who is a little shy. She is affectionate at home and quiet when out walking and socializing. Although she can be somewhat slow in adapting into a new environment, nothing can’t be solved without a good treat! She will fit best into a household who’s had some experience with dogs and someone who can give her time to warm up in a new environment.

Lola was abandoned in traditional market in Taiwan. Hungry, and without shelter, she could only hide under a car and cry desperately for help. Upon hearing the whining sound, the volunteer foster mother found Lola shaking helplessly and her body was covered in fleas and ticks. Who can be so heartless and abandon such a baby and left her to die! Lola was rushed for vet care getting dewormed and flea and ticks treatment. She’s also eating well and getting prettier and prettier each day! 

Lola is energetic and active at home, mellow when getting walked outside. She is a little shy so sometimes she parks when seeing strangers. She has a predictable temperament and she learns fast. She knows how to sit and is ready to learn more from you! Will you be the one patiently giving Lola time to gain her confidence? Be the one giving Demi her well-deserved second chance of life!

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