【Age】5 months old

((est.) Born in August 2019)


【Weight】6 kg


Early morning, a rescuer heard barking and went out to see where it was coming from. She found little Lizzy hiding underneath a car, cold and shivering. The rescuer used a big towel to get Lizzy out from under the car and quickly took her to the vet. Little Lizzy lives with the rescuer after that and now she is ready to find her forever home!


Poor Lizzy must have been abused when she was roaming the streets. With time and patience, once Lizzy knows she’s safe and won’t be hurt, she’s a great little snuggly girl. If Lizzy is “trapped” in a small area (such as in a crate) when someone tries to reach towards her or grab her, she’ll shiver heavily; and if it’s a stranger who tries to grab her, she’ll growl and pee herself. Can’t imagine the horrible stuff she must have went through. Once she is out of the crate, she is a sweet little girl. Lizzy warms up faster to stranger when meeting them at home, than meeting strangers outside. When walking outside, if she sees strangers walking towards her, she gets a bit scared, but using treats can help her to relax! If the stranger has a dog and approach her slowly, Lizzy will go over for pets by herself!


Lizzy is good with other dogs and wants to play. She is good with cats and able to stay in the same room with cats calmly. Lizzy is also good with kids, but she will stay away from active/loud kids. She loves food and is not food aggressive towards other dogs nor people. Lizzy is still learning potty training. She will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown around 30lbs-40lbs.