Lisa  *Adopted*


【Age】About 5.5 years old

  (As of October 2019 (est.))


【Weight】9 kg


Lisa was found lying by the side of the road in early 2017, looking like she was heavily pregnant. After feeding her the first meal, the love mom noticed that Lisa was actually milking her puppies already! After all the puppies are adopted in their furever homes, it is finally Lisa's turn to find her permanent loving home! Lisa has went through a series of health checks, vaccination shots and she has been given a clean bill of health! Lisa has been waiting patiently for over a year and she never gave her hopes up! She finally found a home in December 2018 in Vancouver, however, due to personal issues, the family had to give Lisa up, hoping to find Lisa a better home she deserves.


Lisa is naturally a silly and friendly girl, who loves being close to her human and she will approach you to wait for some pets when she trusts you. Lisa is very submissive to people and when she warms up, she will poke you with her nose or put her head in your chest for a little attention. She has a calm and quiet temperament at home and barely makes a sound. She gets along with most of the dogs, although she sometimes tries to get attention when she’s in a group, doesn't like other dogs when they go right to her face and she will take a little time to warm up to dogs that are larger in size. Lisa is good with cats and she can be in the same space as cats peacefully. She can sit quietly next to a stranger and let strangers to pet her. She eats very slowly and she has no food aggression toward anyone nor any other animals. As a part Chihuahua mix, Lisa is small-medium sized and fully grown. She has been house-trained that she knows to potty outdoor and she also knows to use training pads indoor if she has to go. In the beginning in a new environment, however, Lisa might refuse to walk outside when she hasn't warm up to her handler yet. She gets along well with children, but she takes a bit longer time to warm up to children, especially active kids, than to adults. She is a bit timid when it comes to loud/sudden sound or big/sudden movement. She will also take some time to be comfortable in a new environment. Lisa doesn't have much confidence in herself and when someone in the room raised their voice, Lisa will assume it's her fault and roll over to show submissiveness and forgiveness with flat ears against her head. Lisa is not aggressive nor reactive, but she is very submissive to people and skittish to things she's not familiar with. Lisa will be more suitable with a loving family with a quiet/chill lifestyle and preferably a family experienced with dogs that they can help Lisa to build up her confidence to enjoy her life!