Lindy  *Adopted*


【Age】About 1.5 years old

(as of March 2018)


【Weight】11.4 kg


Lindy was born a stray, and moved around with her birth family. They were provided food by a foster mom nearby, but were never brought into a foster home. The local people did not like the roaming pact, and consistently drove them away violently. One day the unfortunately thing happened: 3 of Lindy’s family members were caught and taken to the shelter, while she and her mom avoided this fate. They have been waiting patiently ever since to be given their second chance in life!


Lindy likes humans by nature, but usually take some time before approaching them. Once she gets to know you, she is super affectionate and friendly! Lindy still needs practice on a leash, as this is a new training for her, and would greatly benefit from lots of encouragement and patience in helping her socialize with others and build more confidence. She occasionally lets out a bark out of curiosity upon meeting another dog, but this too will improve as she becomes more socialized and confident. Lindy loves food very much, and this should come in handy when getting to know and training her! Message us to find out more about Lindy, and how to give her a warm and loving home and a stable life she craves!


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British Columbia, Canada

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