Leo *Adopted*


【Age】1 year & 6 months old

  (As of October 2019)


【Weight】16 kg


Leo was abandoned in the mountains since he was a wee puppy. He was found by a love dad one day, injured and lying to the side of the road with exposed bones. The love dad rushed him to the hospital, and he survived, but lost one of his back legs. It was during his recovery when everyone realized what a likeable, loving pup he is. He never once growled at anyone when he was in pain and while the wound was healing.


Losing a leg didn’t stop Leo from enjoying life; he is living it to the fullest every day! Whether it’s running wildly in the park, playing with furends, chasing after each other…you name it! He's even great at running up and down the stairs! Leo also likes getting close and befriending people, including strangers, and welcomes you to give him a belly rub any time. He also loves kids. He can be gentle and chill with children or be playful with them as well. This boy is always happy with a goofy smile. His cheerfulness and optimism will definitely rub off on you and before you know it you’re sporting that goofy grin too! Leo is house-trained and knows to do his business outdoor. Leo has been given a clean bill of health, and is current with all shots. He cannot wait to run around in the big, green parks with his new family!