Laya *Adopted*

【Age】6 months old

  (Born in April 2018)
【Weight】11.5 kg

Laya and her sisters were born in a recycling depot where they were looked after by the granny who runs the place. But the granny isn’t in the greatest state of mind and kept the dogs locked up in bird cages. According to the granny, “this way the dogs will not grow bigger.” There are even dogs who have been locked up in a tiny cage under a pile of junk for over 10 years… Without proper food and exercise the mother dog didn’t have milk to feed Laya and her sisters. After being reported, a group of rescuers went in and finally succeeded on persuading the granny to release all the dogs into their care.


Laya is an energetic pup who loves people and other dogs! She’s also good with cats and children. Laya sometime approaches strangers actively and she does not afraid of male strangers. She’s more outgoing, compared to her siblings! Laya loves food and she finishes her meal or treats very fast, but she does not guard her food towards human or other dogs. Laya is playful and active who would be a great companion for outdoor activities! She goes outside for washroom but there might be a hit and miss still! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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