Latte    *Adopted*

【Age】8 months old
(Est. Born on May 10, 2018)

【Weight】13 kg

Latte’s mother was abandoned by her previous owner by the beach when she was pregnant and soon gave birth to a litter of healthy puppies. A rescuer saw the mother dog with the puppies and she couldn’t bear to leave them there after feeding them some food, so the rescuer brought the mother dog and the puppies home to foster them with the intention to help them find permanent loving homes once they are ready.


Latte is gentle and quiet. She loves to be with people and great with other dogs. Being in a new environment with strangers, she might be shy and nervous, but she warms up fairly fast especially with food/treats. Latte loves to snuggle with people on the couch as much as she loves to run and play with her peers. Latte is food-motivated which will comes in handy with training. Latte has mostly fully grown to her adult size and on the smaller side of medium-sized with a short coat that will be easy to maintain. She loves outdoor activities and she would be a perfect companion for hiking or running! Latte behaves very well in the car, but she gets car sick and drool sometimes. Latte is house-trained and crate-trained. Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.