【Age】7 months old

  (As of Dec 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】13 kg  


Lara was found wandering in the mountains by herself. When the love mom found her, all she wanted was to be petted and held. Lara was most likely abandoned in the mountains by her previous owner. Every day, the love mom would come feed her and Lara would always wait at the same spot for her but one day, Lara wasn’t there. The love mom looked everywhere and couldn’t find her. Thankfully, Lara appeared again in a few days and so the love mom took her home into her care, hoping to find Lara a loving family.


Lara is an energetic girl who loves to run around in the park, hiking or camping with her hooman. She loves to play with other dogs, but she will be nervous around dominant dogs or dogs who are too interested in her. Lara loves people, both adult and children that she will go up to say hi to anyone, even strangers. She loves food and she will eat anything that you offered to her. She is food-motived, and she is not food aggressive towards other dogs or people. Lara is fine but nervous around the cat, so slow introduction between the two is needed for family with cats. Lara is housetrained, but of course in a new environment, accidents or marking in the beginning is expected! Lara will be a perfect companion for outdoor adventures during the day and cuddling on the couch at night!