Landon  *Adopted*


【Age】4.5 months old

  (Est. born on February 19, 2019)


【Weight】8 kg


Landon and his nine siblings were born in a bush on the street by their stray mom. A love mom found them there and had been feeding them on the spot every day, and the siblings would run out of the bush to greet her when they heard her car approaching. In April 2019, the love mom contacted our volunteers to rescue and find good homes for the mom and puppies. The volunteers spent two days to rescue all of them. Two of the puppies fell into a ditch and the volunteers were able to find them by following their crying.


Landon enjoys being in the company of both adults and children, and especially likes attaching himself onto his human and feeling loved. He plays well with other dogs, but takes time to warm up to bigger dogs. He likes running around and wrestling with puppies though! When meeting strangers, he would take a moment to make sure they mean no hard before inching closer to be petted. Landon likes cats and is interested in saying hi to them. He has no food aggression toward anyone and can be bribed by treats very easily. Landon does his business outdoors on walks, and knows how to use the indoor mats as well. Landon would follow his beloved human to the end of the world!