【Age】1 year & 3 months

  (Born on November 19, 2018 (est.))


【Weight】12 kg


Lala was caught on the street and brought into a shelter on June 18, 2019. Due to not enough resources on hand, our volunteer cannot bring her out of the shelter. In October, when the volunteer saw Lala again, she had become skinnier and she was losing a lot of fur. Although the situation didn’t change, the volunteer just couldn’t leave Lala in the shelter any longer, because, living inside a shelter will mean the end of her life. Therefore, the volunteer took Lala to her foster home and helping to take good care of Lala and working on socialization with Lala. Lala was very timid at the time of rescue and she had come a really long way that she is now ready to start her second chance in life with her furever family!


Lala loves to play with her doggie friends and will flip over to show new doggies her tummy as a sign of peace. She loves people and even when meeting strangers, she’ll go up to say hi! She’s good with children, but she will duck a little when they pet her so any sudden movements or loud sounds might startle her. Lala may want to initial play with cats sometimes, so she will be better with cats who knows to draw boundaries. Lala loves food and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs. She goes outside for potty and knows to use the peepad when indoor. Lala is well-behaved during car-rides and walks well on leash. Lala is on the smaller side of medium-sized and fully grown already. She is waiting patiently to find her furever loving family!