Lacey  *Adopted*


【Age】Est. 9 months old

  (As of March 2019)


【Weight】14 kg


Lacey’s mom was found by a love mom as she was on the brink of giving birth, and passed away because of a difficult labour. Lacey and her littermates were fed from bottle by love moms. Growing up with many other dogs, Lacey gets along well with everyone! She’s been properly socialized since birth, but continuing with proper socialization would help her adapt to her new life in Vancouver quickly!


Lacey loves to cuddle and loves to be hugged. She tends to feel unsure in a new environment, but she warms up fairly fast. She is a cuddly girl and loves nothing more than a belly rub, even from strangers! Lacey loves to run on the grass with her paw friends, but she loves to be around people more than dogs. She used to have her meals with many dogs around, although she doesn’t guard her food against people, she sometimes guards her food against other dogs to prevent them from stealing. Lacey is healthy with all the necessary shots completed, and now waiting to meet her new family in Vancouver and enjoy a beautiful life with her!