Kochi  *Adopted*

【Age】4 years 

Kochi is a Corgi x Golden retriever who is active, sociable and curious. Good with people, kids, and intrigue about cats, he's the perfect urban dog! Just watch him strut down the street, the trail, melts your days stress all away! He has the magic that puts a big smile on everyone’s face!

Although it seems a cute dog like Kochi is born to be loved and happy, he has a sad story to tell. Chained to a pole behind a factory in China, he is always let down when waiting for his owner’s love. After living like a prisoner for 3 years, the foster family found him, got the factory security to cut the chains, free Kochi, and take him to get the medical attention he deserves. Being chained for an extensive period of time in a humid climate, the rust of the chain has dipped into his skin. The condition was so severe that it took 9 months for Kochi to heal. He's finally free, healthy, and able to put on his big smile!

Because he was left alone for so long, Kochi can be a little clingy due to his fear of abandonment. He will thrive in a busy household with lots of actions and with an active lifestyle. Will you be the one Kochi smiles together with? Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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