Kobe *Adopted*

【Name】 Kobe

【Age】 1 year & 2 months old

  (Born on July 1, 2018 (est.))

【Gender】 Male

【Weight】11.5 kg

【Spayed/Neutered】 Neutered

Kobe and his siblings, Vivian and Nita, were rescued from an irresponsible owner when they were only a few months old. They were malnourished and neglected, and lived in filth where the food bowl was always empty and they drank water from the rain with the water bowl full of moss. This irresponsible owner was reported by her neighbour, and our rescuer was finally able to bring the dogs to safety with proper care. Vivian and Nita has found homes in Vancouver and now it's Kobe's turn!


Kobe loves playing with dogs and gets along very well with them. He sometimes plays too hard and gets too excited, but his excitement can be contained. He is indifferent to cats. Kobe is also great with both adults and kids, but tends to back up a little when kids get too excited around him. Kobe is a bit tenser with strangers, but still lets them pet him. He has no food aggression toward humans and starts bouncing around at the sight of treats! He does guard his food against other dogs, although the aggression can be contained as well. Kobe is currently undergoing house-training with the hopes of lessening his dependency on indoor training pads. Kobe can also be a quiet companion at home, and loves cuddling up to his human to bond and share the love.