【Age】1 year & 7 month

  (Born on July 01, 2018 (est.))


【Weight】17 kg


King was abandoned by his previous owner, simply because they no longer want to take care of a dog. King was very shy and skittish when the foster first brought him home. After 7 months of socialization training, King has started to build up his confidence, but he still needs some time to warm up when it comes to strangers and new environments.


King is a calm boy and people find it hard to believe that he’s so mature for his age! He loves his peers, and enjoys playing with them in the park or saying hi to them on the street. King typically takes some time before warming up to people, and should be approached gently, calmly and slowly, never hovering over him or he will be scared and run away. For strangers, the best way is to ignore him and let him approach you first. King is a bit curious about cats, but is mostly unsure and tends to keep his distance.


King has no food aggression against people, but sometimes lets out warning when other dogs approach his bowl. Being walked 3 times a day should be enough for his bathroom needs, but like others he would never say no to extra outings! King is cuddly with his human he trusts, and would come nudge your hand for a pet. It takes maximum a week for him to start cuddling with his human. He likes playing with all kinds of toys, but hates taking a bath! He used to get sick on car rides, but has improved quite a lot since joining his foster. King is a cuddly and devoted boy to his humans!