Kimberley *Adopted*


【Age】2 years & 8 months old

  (Est. born on January 1, 2017)


【Weight】15 kg


Kimberley was abandoned by her previous human, roaming the streets and looking at everyone passing by, hoping to find her human. Rescuers posted online and tried to reunite her with her human, but no one ever came to claim her. As such, the rescuer brought Kimberley home in February 2019, and has been going through health check-ups, vaccines and basic training while waiting to join a new, loving home.


Kimberley is shy of strangers and takes time to warm up. As a result of her stray experience, she prefers canine buddies over people sometimes, and loves playing and running around with other dogs. Thus, a family with a dog will really help her to open up faster. She is calm with children, but would stay away from active kids, and can exist peacefully with cats. Kimberley will need more time to warm up to male than females. Kimberley has no food aggression toward anyone, and has been trained to do her business outside, currently twice a day. She is a quiet and stubborn girl, but with time, patience and love, she will reveal her happy, carefree, goofy side! Kimberley is on the smaller side of medium-sized and fully grown already. She is ready to begin her new life with her new family who has the patience to help Kimberley gain her faith in human again!