【Age】4 months

  (Born on Nov. 5, 2019 (est.))


【Weight】7.8 kg


Kiki and her siblings (Kristin, Kelly and Kai) were abandoned near a market. They were about a month old and they were starving. They were eating anything they could to survive and vomiting out scrapes of metal. The rescuer quickly rushed them to the vet and then brought them home to foster them until now they’re ready to start their second chance in life!

Kiki is a playful little girl who loves to play with her doggie pals, though she will take a little bit of time to observe new doggie friends before initiating play. She is a Formosan mix and will grow up to be medium-sized when fully grown, weighing at roughly about 40lbs. When it comes to people she knows, she loves to cuddle up and enjoy being petted, but upon meeting strangers, she’ll some time before going closer for a sniff and because she loves food, she’ll warm up a bit faster with treats! Kiki is gentle and great with children; she might be shy at first, but she can be playful once she warms up! Kiki walks well on a leash, however, she is scared of loud sounds, especially the sound of cars zooming past that she’ll refuse to walk further, so she’ll need some training to boost up her confidence! Kiki loves food and she doesn’t guard her food towards people nor other doggies. Kiki is currently learning housetraining. Kiki is gentle with cats and she can sit quietly next to a cat. Kiki is well-behaved during bath time, though she will be very nervous, she will still sit there and let her human bathe her. Kiki loves all sort of toys. She will be a very cuddly and playful companion once she warms up to her human!