【Age】3.5 years old

  (Est. born on May 5, 2016) 


【Weight】15 kg  


Kessie was adopted to a family when she was about two months old, living happily with a golden retriever older sister. However, a few months ago the retriever sister died due to cancer and the family was very devastated. Mother was grieving all the time to a point she developed depressive and anxiety disorder that she started to abuse Kessie when she is not stable. The family then returned Kessie back to us and hoping to find Kessie a loving home she deserves.


Kessie is a loving and gentle girl. Kessie is doing really well at the foster home and very affectionate to children. She is great with people and loves to stay by your side or to cuddle with you on the couch. She is a bit nervous when meeting strangers, but she will still sit and let strangers to pet her. Kessie loves meat-based treats and she will relax faster with treats. Kessie loves to play with other dogs and loves outdoor activities. She is great with cats and very calm around cats. Kessie is well-behaved during car-rides and well-behaved at bath time. She also knows to sit while waiting for the elevator and sit inside the elevator. Kessie is housetrained and walks well on a leash. Kessie will be a great with a family who enjoys outdoor activities!