Katsu  *Adopted*


【Age】4 months old

  (Born on July 05, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】6.5 kg  


Katsu and his siblings appeared on an island of a busy street where cars were zooming past. One of them crawled onto the road and was seen by a driver who quickly stopped. He placed the little pup back onto the island but with the pups being so young, friendly and keep wanting to play, he didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, one of our volunteer passed by and saw the driver trying to prevent the pups from crawling onto the road, went over and took them all into their care.


Katsu is a playful little boy who is good with people and loves playing with his doggie pals. He loves to befriend with every dog he met and invite them to play! He’s good with kids and like to snuggle up to them! This sweetheart isn’t scared of strangers and will approach them to say hi. Katsu is very cuddly and loves to snuggle with everyone. Katsu loves food and doesn’t guard his food against dogs nor hoomans. Like his brother, Kuno, he loves car rides and will jump into the car himself. Katsu goes outside for potty and also knows to use peepad when he’s at home. He’s good with cats and will approach them because he wants to play. Katsu can be active with outdoor activities and he can play with his toys quietly at home alone as well! Katsu will grow to be medium-sized in his adulthood, possibly between 30lbs - 40lbs. Katsu will be a perfect companion for social functions with adults, kids and other dogs!