Kate   *Adopted*

【Age】10 months old

  (Born on March 4, 2018)

Kate and Kyle are siblings and they are medium-sized Collie/Formosan mix, mostly fully-grown to their adult size. Kate loves to play with people and loves play with other dogs. She is calm and quiet at home, but she can also be playful outdoors. Kate is a little bit shy when it comes to strangers, but she will still let strangers to pet her, though she usually won't approach strangers actively by herself. Being in a new environment, Kate will be shy and nervous, but as long as there are food and treats, she will let her guard down very fast. She warms up to female much faster than males. Kate is very food-motivated, but she does not guard her food against people or other dogs, furthermore,  she is very gentle and know to sit and wait even when it comes to food. 


Kate loves children and she is very gentle with them! She is also good with cats! She walks great on a leash and knows to stay close to her handler. She behaves well in the car, though she might get car sick sometime. Continuous training with car-ride will helps to improve her balance in the car. As a part Collie, Kate is active and she will be best to be with a family with an active lifestyle who would take her out for outdoor adventure and provide the exercise that she needs. Kate would be a great companion as a jogging or hiking partner! Kate is housetrained and knows to do her business outdoor.​ Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.