Karly *Adopted*


【Age】1.5 years old

  (as of January 2018)


【Weight】17 kg


Karly is incredibly well-behave and mature for his young age, as he was born a natural gentleman. He gets along well with anyone - humans, children, dogs, and cats, and although takes a few minutes to warm up he quickly learns who to go to get a nice pet and belly rub! He is friendly with animals, and does not guard his food against any dog or cat. He is highly adaptable to new surroundings, and has naturally developed many good habits through his training so far.


Karly is house-trained, and knows to do his business outside the house. He is great on recall, and takes instructions well. Karly is not picky when it comes to food, and gladly accepts any kibble or soft food that’s placed in his bowl. He is especially friendly toward young children, and doesn’t jump on anyone. He is great on a leash with children, making him a great companion to a family with young kids. Karly is not afraid of strangers, and even allows them to touch and pet him without flinching one bit! As a Formosan Mountain dog mix, Karly will likely grow up into medium-sized dog, with a short brown coat that will be easy to maintain. Karly is ready to be with his destined family for life!

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British Columbia, Canada

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