Kai *Adopted*


【Age】9 months 

  (as of October 2018)


【Weight】15.5 kg


Kai is a very curious and active Formosan mix who is loyal, energetic, and extremely smart. Kai loves to chase his dog friends at the park and plays well with dogs of all ages and sizes. He is currently working on his socialization skills with people as he might be unsure about strangers. He loves to approach both males and females in the dog park and offers lots of sniffs (especially if there are treats in someone's pockets). However, he does require a proper introduction before he'll let strangers approach him, especially when in the house. He is extremely loyal to his family and loves to curl up between your legs at the end of the day for some snuggles. 

Kai is crate trained and potty trained that he knows to do his business outdoors. As he is still a puppy with lots of puppy energy, Kai sometimes plays rough, but he listens and knows to stop when he heard a "No". Kai would do best in a house with a yard that he can run around for more playtimes during the day or in the evening. He loves outdoor activities and would be perfect for a family with an active lifestyle as a running or hiking companion.

Kai knows all his basic commands (sit, lay-down, stay, come, go to your place, shake a paw, roll over and his favourite - high five). Being a super smart and curious pup, he would benefit greatly from obedience classes where he can show off his smarts and earn some treats! Kai is the perfect adventure seeking dog. Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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