Justin *Adopted*


【Age】4 months old

  (Est. born on Jan 2, 2019)


【Weight】7 kg


Justin and his two other siblings were found at a suburb in a rainy day. The rescuer searched around and didn’t find other dogs in the area that she assumed the siblings were brought there and abandoned.


Justin loves to play with other dogs and will play until he passes out! He loves people but will need time to warm up to strangers. Once he trusts his human, he will be very cuddly and follows his human everywhere for more pettings! Jonas is great with kids and he warms up to kids faster than adults. With food, he will be all over you! Justin is quite alert. He will bark when he hears sounds but will stop right away when called on. Jonas is food-motivated, and he doesn’t guard his food against people nor other dogs. Jonas will grow to be medium-sized and he will be a great companion for both snuggling at home or going for hikes and runs! He is currently leaning to be house-trained and doesn’t really care much about cats.