Junior *Adopted*


【Age】5 month old

  (As of February 2019)


【Weight】16 kg


Junior was found dashing around frantically in the traffic, narrowing missing oncoming cars. Despite being scratched and bitten by Junior out of fear, the rescuer took him to the vet for check-up and proper medical care. Under the loving care of the rescuer, Junior is now healthy and ready to find a permanent home to call his own.


Junior is friendly to all people and dogs, and loves nothing more than a good pet or belly rub! He gets scared for a little while in a foreign environment or with strangers, but adapts quite quickly and eases off eventually. He is fond of running around and playing like any other puppy! Junior loves food and tends to quiet down after a full meal. He sometimes guards his food from other dogs, so further training on this could correct the issue. Junior has undergone basic training, and will benefit from continuous training once he finds his forever home. Junior is current with all shots and ready to join a loving family so he’ll never have to run for his life in the traffic again!