Jordan   *Adopted*

【Age】8 months old

  (Est. born on January 2019)
【Weight】16.5 kg

Jordan was a stray dog living near an elementary school. When he was about 3 months old, the school called the city to capture Jordan and bring him to the shelter. A teacher knew how it’s like in a shelter and hoping to give Jordan a chance, so she brought Jordan home to foster him and reached out to our volunteer to help Jordan finding a forever home.

Jordan was very shy before, but after 5 months of socialization training with the foster family, he has gained a lot of confidence and ok with strangers now, though he still won’t approach strangers actively. He is food-motivated, so with food, it will help him to warm up faster! Joran is great with other dogs and very playful with them, including new paw friends that he just met. Jordan is gentle with cats and knows to leave some space for the cats. Jordan is also gentle with kids and warms up to children faster than adults. Jordan knows to do his business outdoor and knows to use training pads indoor as well. Jordan is medium-sized and almost fully grown. Jordan is hoping to find a loving family to start his second chance in life!