Jojo  *Adopted*


【Age】2 years & 1 month

  (as of September 2018)  




Someone reported seeing Jojo and other dogs near a school to animal control and when they managed to capture the other dogs, Jojo saw everything. This caused her to be more scared of people and doesn’t trust as easily. She needs time to trust someone before opening up, but once she does, she’s a sweetheart and she loves to give unlimited kisses and snuggles.


Jojo is great with other dogs and has no food aggression towards dogs or people. She is great with kids and indoor cats, though she might be curious when she sees a cat running outdoors and might chase after them. Although she may be unsure when she encounters strangers, Jojo is ok and would let strangers pat her as long as they approach her slowly and softly. Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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