【Age】2 years & 8 months old

  (as of September 2020)


【Weight】21 kg


>> Background History <<

John was abandoned on the beach when he was about 6 months old and roamed around the area. At this young age, he was attacked by a group of pitbulls, owned by a local resident, and they broke his front leg with violent biting attacks. John was being left dying. When the rescuer found him, she rushed him to the vet and they sadly had to amputate John's front leg. John was not doing well at the vet at first and he had to go through three surgeries to finally survive. Despite the trauma, John is still a sweet boy who's enjoying his life!


>> Temperament <<

John is shy and timid with people that it will take him some time to warm up to strangers. He is friendly to dogs that he knows, but he won't approach new dogs proactively and need to observe them from a distance first due to the encounter he had when he as young. John is ok with cats and not too interested in them. John will be nervous when being in a new environment and might take a week to feel at ease. It would take love, care and patience to help John feel even more confident about himself! When he warms up, he loves being hugged and follow his human around! John has no food aggression toward people, but sometimes let out warning signs when other dogs approach his food. John is house-trained and loves exploring the environment on his daily walks, though hikes and long walks won't be suitable for him. He also needs to watch his weight, to make sure it wouldn’t be too much for his lone front leg. John would blossom in a family with loads of patience and love to make him feel more secure. John will need an experienced dog owner who can help him to socialize and build up his confidence as well!