Jensen *Adopted*


【Age】4 months old

  (Est. born on Sept. 14,2018)


【Weight】7.5 kg


Jensen and Jared are brothers. Being in a new environment, Jensen is shy of strangers and he will need some time to warm up to people. Once he does, he will be a sweet and gentle boy who is always looking for petting on the head and belly rubs! Jensen is great with other dogs and playful with them, but he also needs to take some time to warm up to new dog friends. Jensen knows to use the training pads at home, but he prefers to do his business on the grass outdoors. Jensen loves to nap, walk and run on the grass. He also loves to play with all kinds of toys, and he has no problem playing with his toys quietly alone. Jensen is food-motivated, but he doesn’t guard his food towards people or other dogs. Food/treats will definitely come in handy for training! Jensen is great with kids, but he will stay away from active or screaming children. Jensen will grow to be medium-sized in his adulthood and he will be a great companion for hiking and running!