Jenny  *Adopted*

【Age】5 months old

(born on July 30, 2017)
【Weight】7.5 kg

Jenny is a friendly puppy with an interesting bicolour coat – her two front legs are of different colours, and she has a natural white bib! When we say friendly, we probably mean more like a social butterfly. Jenny is passionate toward humans, and would not hesitate to run up and give them a big hug. She is friendly toward both friends and strangers, and has no problem introducing herself and warming up to those she just met. This positivity is also witnessed when she meets other dogs – she runs over to meet and greet, and invites them to an impromptu play session, right then and there! The same curiosity and kindness is extended to cats, as she enjoys hanging out with them as much as her canine friends.

Jenny is on the smaller side in terms of size, but will likely grow into a medium-sized dog with an easy-to-maintain coat. She is spayed and up-to-date with all shots, and is ready to fly to Vancouver to join her adoptive family permanently. Jenny would be a great addition to a family who’s looking for a moderately active, sociable and friendly dog to enrich their lives!

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British Columbia, Canada

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