Jelly *Adopted*


【Age】10 months old

  (As of July 2018)


【Weight】14 kg


This adorable girl was found roaming in the mountains looking for scrap food to eat. Local residents did not like strays, and often chased after them with a stick. Jelly also suffered from skin irritation at the time. One raining day, the mountain area had quite a heavy downpour, and the stream nearby rose several feet above what it normally would be. Jelly accidentally fell into the stream and would have drowned, but the love mom happened to drop by to feed her and quickly rescued her from the water. Jelly was too weak to resist at the time, and the love mom took her to the vet straight away. Fortunately, Jelly recovered about 90% the next day and had excellent appetite! Since then, Jelly has been staying with the foster mom, and is a completely healthy and happy girl now!


Jelly is well-behaved and obedient. She never chews on anything she’s not supposed to, and enjoys lying next to a human quietly and enjoying each other’s company. She likes to ask for belly rubs and petting, and to snuggle next to you as a way to show her love. Jelly’s greatest weakness is food – she has zero resistance to anything and everything edible and yummy! She never picks her food and enjoys every meal wholeheartedly. Jelly loves both adult and kids, as well as making dog buddies. She’s also house-trained; she knows to do her business at a designated spot inside and also when she goes on a walk outside. Jelly is great on the leash too! Let us know if you’re just as mesmerized by this girl’s sweet smile and want to give her the loving home we want to find for her!

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British Columbia, Canada

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