Jacob    *Adopted*


【Age】4.5 months

  (As of August 2018)


【Weight】9 kg


Jacob and his siblings were rescued in a quiet rainy typhoon night. The puppies were hungry and sat by the side of the road in the rain, didn’t know where to go or where to find food. Luckily, someone passed by, saw them sat sadly there and he posted online for help. When our volunteers arrived, the puppies ran enthusiastically to them and therefore, the siblings and the mom were brought to our foster homes, starting to receive their medical treatments and getting ready to join there forever homes!


Jacob is friendly to people, other dogs and children. He may be shy at first when meeting strangers or being in a new environment, but he warms up fairly fast and once he warms up, he can be very playful and he will be keep looking for someone to pat him on the head! Jacob is food-motivated, but he doesn’t guard his food towards human or other dogs. At this young age, continual training is the key to help Jacob become a happy, model canine citizen! Like his Formosan mix peers, his coat is short and will shed seasonally and minimally, requiring low attention. Jacob’s tail, near the tip was broken when he was rescued, but he has recover from the injury and healthy that he can’t wait to join his new family! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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