Jack    *Adopted*

【Age】About 3.5 years old

  (Est. born on April 2016)
【Weight】19 kg

The rescuer was walking his dog when he found Jack in a park walking back and forth. He took the scared boy to the vet and couldn’t find any microchip on him. He stayed at the vet for a while and no one comes to claim him, so the rescuer decided to help this boy find a home!


Jack is a friendly boy who loves to snuggle up and is good with kids and strangers. This poor boy must have been abandoned because he hates to see people leave and doesn’t like the feeling of being left alone. He’ll cry a bit in the beginning when you leave for work but eventually settles down and he will wait patiently for you to return. With time, he will learn that you will always come back for him. Jack likes food and he doesn’t guard his food against other dogs nor hoomans. He is house-trained and goes out for potty. Jack doesn’t like cats that he will chase them away, so he is not suitable in a home with cats. Jack will be a great companion to go for outdoor activities during the day and snuggle at home at night. Jack has fully grown and he is looking for a loving family to start his second chance in life!