【Age】6 months old

  (As of Jan, 2020 (est.)) 


【Weight】9 kg  


Jack was rescued from a shelter. At such a young age, this poor guy was kept in an overcrowded shelter with not enough food or water to have and could easily get killed by other big dogs. A volunteer took him out of the shelter and took into her care.


Jack is a sweet little boy when he warms up, but he will be very nervous and shy when meeting strangers or in a new environment. He’s great with people he knows and enjoys playing with other dogs.  He loves food and he is not food aggressive towards people, but sometimes guards against other dogs and swallows his food very fast when another dog is around. With time and training, he will know that there is always food for him and he won't be starved ever again. Jack prefers to go outside for potty and he also knows to use peepad when indoors. He’s friendly yet curious with cats that he will want to approach and sniff. Jack is nervous around kids and he will stay away from loud/active children. Jack is active outdoor that he loves to see the outside world and he can also play with his toys quietly at home. Jack is possibly a German Shepherd/Formosan mix who would be a perfect addition with a family who enjoys outdoor adventures!