Isa *Adopted*

【Age】4 months old

    (Est. born on Oct. 14, 2018)
【Weight】8.4 kg

Isa was found at a park, playing with visitors at the park. After the crowd left, Isa was left behind. The rescuer asked around to see if she can find the owner. A man kept looking at them as the rescuer played with Isa and while she asked around. The rescuer went up to him and asked if this is his dog, the man said no. The rescuer brought Isa to a nearby vet to see if the vet can take care of Isa or look for her owner. Surprisingly, the vet said the pup came to this vet for checkup with a male owner before. They tried to contact the owner, but they never heard a response from him. The rescuer and the vet assumed the man from the park was probably the person who abandoned Isa. The rescuer brought Isa home afterwards and fostered her until now she is ready to find a family who will love her furever!

Isa is great with people, including male/female strangers. She is the outgoing and playful type who would go up to anyone to say hello and asks for pettings. Isa is as great with other dogs of all sizes/ages. If the other dog approach her to play, she would play with them and if the other dog is unfriendly, she will ignore them and walk away. Isa loves to go out for walks and walks very well on a leash that with a light pull, she will know to redirect. Isa prefers to do her business outdoors, but she also knows to use training pads at home. Isa would be a great companion for outdoor activities and also a great cuddler! Isa is curious about cats and always wants to play with them. She will only be suitable with cats who knows to set boundaries or loves to play with dogs. Isa is great with kids and playful with them as well! Isa doesn't afraid of the sound of traffic or sudden sounds. 

Overall, Isa is a very curious, playful, confident, outgoing, friendly, passionate, affectionate, active pup who would be more than suitable for those who are looking for a companion for outdoor activities and cuddles!  :)