Hulk  *Adopted*

【Name】 Hulk

【Age】 8 months old

  (As of August 2019)

【Gender】 Male

【Weight】 13 kg

【Spayed/Neutered】 Neutered

Hulk was rescued from an over-crowded shelter at the same time as his sister. He is a gentle dog, although prone to be startled by loud noises, strangers, and new environment. He plays well with other dogs, but tends to observe before joining the play. He also needs some time before warming up to humans, but would follow his human everywhere once he feels comfortable. He backs up when kids approach him, but lets them pet him when he’s on leash. Hulk is sensitive to loud noises whether it’s in a new environment or on walks.


Hulk loooooves food, and has no food aggression toward anyone. He doesn’t guard his food but sometimes wants to finish other dogs’ food when he’s done first! Food is also the easiest way to earn his trust! He is undergoing house-training, and prefers to do his business on the grass. He’s not use to car rides and might feel a bit dizzy in the beginning. He likes to curl up on the footpad during car rides to feel safer. With extra love and patience, Hulk would be able to build up the confidence and really enjoy his second life!