【Age】Est. 3 years old

 (Born in January 2016)


【Weight】13.7 kg


Hugo began his life as a quiet, well-behaved stray, surviving on scrap food given to him by kind people in the neighbourhood. He used to get attacked by other dogs in the area, and one day he showed up at a convenience store with multiple bleeding wounds. The kind workers at the convenience store posted Hugo’s story online and asked for help, and Hugo was finally rescued and received proper treatment and care. He has been with his foster family ever since, and is now ready to find a permanent home to call his own.


Hugo has a gentle, submissive temperament, and loves being with hoomans and snuggling with them. He is good with kids, but might get too excited and topple them by accident. He tends to allow other dogs to dominate over him, and never fights back. He also likes cats, but would start to bark out of excitement and scare them. Hugo loves going on walks and loves getting a ride on a scooter! He might sneak out when opportunity strikes, so be careful about leaving doors open or letting him off leash too soon. Hugo has no food aggression toward dogs or people. He has learned a few basic commands, but continued training would be beneficial to him. Let’s find Hugo a loving home this goofy, sweet boy deserves!