Adoption Process

Before you apply for the adoption please think it over carefully and really set your heart to it. These animals have been through a lot and can't afford to go through another heartbreak. The volunteers, love mamas/rescuers and the foster have spent a great deal of time and effort to care and nourish these animals back to adoptable state. Please make sure you are ready and able to make this commitment to provide the animal(s) a forever loving home.


Ready to adopt the animal(s) you want and welcome him/her home? Let's get started! 

Please fill the Application Form and press submit. We will contact you as soon as possible.

*Second Chance In Life Foundation has the right to refuse any applicant if they do not feel the applicant meets the requirements*

Step 1. Fill & Submit the Application Form

The adoption process starts with an adoption application. Kindly fill and submit an 'Adoption Application Form' to proceed. The applicant must be over 23 years of age. Note that we review applications in the order that we received them in. Please only apply when you are ready to welcome a dog home right away. If you plan to welcome a dog home in the next few weeks, please apply then when you are all settled and ready.

Step 2. Home check & Interview

A scheduled home check will be made to ensure the environment is suitable for the animal(s) and during this time a short interview will take place. Pictures of the common area, such as living room, kitchen, backyard (if any) will be taken for our records as well as to show the rescuer/love mum if the adoption goes through. Pictures will not be shown to a third person. Approval of the application will be decided either on the spot (only by experienced volunteer) or in the next few days.

Step 3. Meeting the potential adoptee that you applied

As our organization is operated 100% by volunteers and we don’t have a physical facility with opening hours, meetings will be scheduled after application screening and home visit for pre-approval for individual potential families. Kindly note as the application is reviewed/processed in the order received in, therefore, the person meeting the dogs prior to the process does not necessary has the priority to adopt anyways. Pre-approval will still be valid for future potential adoptee if the meeting with this particular dog falls through. 

Step 4. Contract & Payment & Welcome the Adoptee Home

If the application is pre-approved and meeting with the dog goes well that you have decided to adopt a specific dog, you will need to sign the adoption contract and pay (cash/cheque/e-transfer) the full adoption fee prior to picking up the adoptee or by the time picking up the adoptee.

Step 5. Keep In Touch

We would love to hear from you! Please keep us updated with pictures and stories because we would love to share them with the rescuers who are dedicated in saving lives. The best reward for them is to know the dogs are having a great life with their new families! We also have a private Facebook group solely for our adoptive families/rescuers/volunteers to share information/experiences and arrange playdates!