Hope *Adopted*


【Age】8.5 months old

  (As at April 2019)


【Weight】22 kg


Hope was found all alone on a pedestrian bridge in a riverside park one night, and wouldn’t stop crying. The rescuer approached the little guy and gently petted him on the head, and Hope instantly stopped crying and began playing with the rescuer! Hope was taken to the vet, and it turns out he wasn’t microchipped and was probably abandoned. The rescuer decided to help him find a permanent home as he is such a friendly little guy.


Hope is friendly to humans and children, and loves playing with dogs! He is full of energy and loves exploring the world while he’s out and about. Hope would need space and enough activity to exhaust his energy. Hope is confident and always curious of his surroundings. He is very food-motivated and likes to steal food from other dogs and gulf down food from other dogs’ bowls very fast, but has no food aggression to people. Hope is mostly fully-grown and he is looking for a family with an active lifestyle to enjoy more outdoor activities/adventures with! This playful goofball is waiting (im)patiently to start his life with a new furever family so he can play and run around on the grass as much as he pleases!