【Age】10 months
  (As of September 2020)
【Weight】18 kg

>> Background History <<

Honey appeared out of nowhere outside a house in the country side and after watching the home security camera, they saw a car pull up, opened the door and let Honey jumped out. After contacting with the owner through the licence plate, he claimed that Honey accidentally ran off. The owners of the house dropped off Honey at the shelter nearby so that the owner could go claim him, but after a few weeks, he never showed up. A volunteer went to pick up Honey and took him home to foster him with the intention in finding Honey a family who truly loves him.


>> Temperament <<

Honey is an energetic and very active boy. He is completely deaf, but it doesn’t affect him to play and have fun! Honey is great with other dogs and enjoys playing with them, especially in a game of wrestling. He is great with people and children, even meeting strangers, he’ll go up to say hi and let them pet him. Honey loves food and he is not food aggressive towards other people nor dogs. He gobbles down his food like no tomorrow though, so he needs to learn to slow down during mealtime. Honey goes outside for potty, but it will take a little bit of time, because he feels it’s time for play and forgets he has to do his business. He’s curious about cats and wants to wrestle like he plays with other dogs, which made him unsuitable for families with cats. Honey is well-behaved during car-rides and loves to explore outdoors. He loves to play with water and sometimes plays with his water bowl at home. Honey will need a home/house with a yard and a family with an active lifestyle that he can run around to burn off his energy! Honey will be more suitable for patient and experienced dog owners, because of his physical condition that Honey won’t respond to any verbal command and he will be harder to train than other dogs.