【Name】 Hershey

【Age】 9.5 months old

  (As of November 2019)

【Gender】 Male

【Weight】 16 kg

【Spayed/Neutered】 Neutered

Hershey was born a stray dog. The mother dog tragically died from a car accident one day when she was out looking for food to feed her pups. Rescuers went to bring the puppies to safety as soon as she heard the news and provided them with proper care. Hershey was first adopted in July 2019, however, due to the skittish side of Hershey's, the family had to give him up and hoping to find a family who has the time and patience to help train him and build up his confidence.

Hershey will need a family with dog experience, who can read him when he signals his discomfort/fear and someone who understands that they’ll have to earn his trust, which will not happen in a few minutes or even hours - but is totally worth it. Hershey will be more suitable with a family who has a quiet and chill lifestyle, not too hectic or energetic, preferably without children as children are much more unpredictable and Hershey might be scared. With another dog at home, either calm or playful, it will definitely help Hershey to open up more!


Hershey is great with other dogs. He does seem more at ease when he sees another dog in the area and sometimes even attempts to initiate play with dogs that are not all friendly. Hershey loves to play with multiple dogs at the dog park! Yes, run and played with dogs from small dogs and up to the size of Great Danes. In fact, he enjoys the dog park and playing and running with dogs a LOT. Hershey walks well on a leash, but he does want to keep strangers within sight, and if someone walks or approaches from behind on the sidewalk for example, he will stop and look at them. When strangers try to touch him, he backs or jumps away. And his neck and head a definitely more of a sensitive zone that he will try to keep away from strangers to touch. Hershey is a bit more wary of men, but if a man knows to be calm and reassuring and not forceful or overbearing or anything like that, he’s fine with them. When Hershey feels fearful or uncomfortable with someone or something, he ducks down, tenses up, keeps a careful eye and his pupils blow large and if at all possible, he will back up, keeps his distance and that’s the sign to leave him alone.

If you are that special family who are willing and able to help Hershey to be more confident, learn to trust and teach him to enjoy a beautiful life, please contact us!