【Age】1 year and 6 months
  (Est. born in February 2019)
【Weight】17 kg

Hero’s previous family mistreated him and abandoned him when he was about a year old. Hero was skin and bones like he was starved for a long while. He was afraid of people and afraid to be on a leash. Whenever someone raises his/her arm, Hero will try to find a place to hide. Hero has been staying in our foster home for 6 months and the volunteer spend a lot of time helping Hero to regain his confidence. He also gained over 10lbs in the past 6 months!


Hero is a Formosan mix who loves playing with his doggie pals but will go head on if he meets a mean dog. He is good with people he knows and will follow his hooman everywhere. Hero is ok with kids but if they have food, he’ll be more interested in them and when it comes to meeting strangers, he’s a little scared in the beginning but will warm up slowly. He loves food and is not food aggressive towards people and other dogs. Hero goes outside for potty and needs to go out at least a good 3 times a day. He is good in car rides and is curious about cats. He will want to play with them but if they’re mean to him, he’ll back away.