【Age】4 months

  (Born on October 1, 2019 (est.))


【Weight】6 kg


Hermosa was brought to a shelter from a cemetery site when she was less than a month old. A volunteer saw Hermosa’s posting online and decided to bring her out of the shelter. How can baby Hermosa survive in this over-crowded environment! The volunteer fostered Hermosa and now she is ready to find her forever home!


Hermosa is a sweet little girl who loves to play with her doggie pals and meet new friends. She is very submissive with other dogs and dogs that plays rough/aggressive will scare her. When it comes to people she knows, she loves to give them kisses and wants pets. Upon meeting new people, you have to crouch down, go slow and with treats, she will warm up a lot quicker! She likes kids and will wag her tail and try to get close to them. Hermosa warms up to children faster than adults, but she might stay away from loud/active children. Hermosa loves food and doesn’t guard her food towards other dogs nor people. If other dogs wants to take her food, she’ll just sit there and watch until they are done. Or if the bowls are too close together, she’ll wait until the other dog is finished before approaching her food, so you’ll need to keep the bowls a little further apart! Hermosa is in the process of learning potty-training and knows to use the training pads when indoor. Hermosa is curious yet shy when it comes to cats. Her tail will go down when she sees a cat, but she’ll still wag a little and sniffing the cats gently! Hermosa is a Formosan mix and she will grow to be medium-sized, possibly around 30lbs-40lbs when fully grown.