【Age】1.5 - 2 year old

  (As of February 2020)


【Weight】21 kg


Heidi was abandoned near a beach and that area has a lot of other strays that chases gentle dogs like her. Not only was she constantly hiding from these strays, there was no chance of her on finding food and soon, she was facing starvation. Luckily, a love dad who was in charge of feeding strays around that area saw the poor little girl and quickly took her into his care.


Heid is a calm girl who even though had a horrible encounter with other strays, she still enjoys playing with her doggie friends and likes to meet new dogs. She is great with people and will let people come close to pet her. When it comes to meeting strangers, she’ll even wag her tail to show her kindness so they’ll come give her a rub down. Heidi loves children and she is very gentle with children as well. Heidi loves food and she is not food aggressive towards people nor other dogs. She is housetrained and she will bark when someone comes to the door just to alert her hoomans that there’s someone out there but will stop when told. Heidi is good with cats and likes to play. Heidi is waiting patiently for her forever family to come welcome her home!