【Age】13 months

  (Est. Born in February 2019 (est.))


【Weight】12.5 kg


Hebe was captured from the street and sent to a shelter. The rescuer first saw cute little Hebe at the shelter in April 2019, however, she went again in November 2019 and Hebe was still there. The rescuer then decided to bring Hebe out of the shelter and to her foster care with the intention to help Hebe find her forever loving home!


Hebe is great with cats and she can stay calm and quiet next to a cat. Hebe is great and playful with dogs. When she meets an alpha dog, she will lay down immediately to show she is friendly. Hebe is great with people, loves to be petted and loves to be held. She will not hesitate to approach people to show how affectionate she is, even to strangers. Hebe is also great and gentle with children. Hebe is highly food-motivated, and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other animals. Hebe is housetrained and she knows to use training pads when being indoor as well, though accidents is still expected when being in a brand-new place. Hebe gets car-sick sometimes but continues training in cars will help to improve her balance. Hebe is very well-behaved, and she has a great temperament, the only thing is that she gets startled almost every time when someone suddenly raised their arm that she will dock down and close her eyes. It is assumed that Hebe has been abused before she was rescued. Despite her past experience, Hebe still trusts human and has so much love to give! Hebe is fully grown and on the smaller side of medium-sized. She is waiting patiently to start her second chance in life with her forever loving family!