【Age】4 months old

  ((Est.) Born in November 10, 2019)


【Weight】7.5 kg


Hansel and his siblings (Heily, Hazel and Howie) were found near a fishing farm. They were about a month old at that time and were a bit scared of people. These poor pups were so hungry that they chowed like no tomorrow when the rescuer put food down for them. It was really cold, and they were too young, the rescuers worries that they won’t survive by themselves, so she took the siblings back into her care and now they are ready to start their second chance in life!.


Hansel is a Formosan mix and will be a medium sized dog, weighing at around 40lbs roughly when full grown. Hansel is great with other dogs and will wag his tail when he sees new dogs. He is good with people and enjoys snuggling up with them. When it comes to meeting strangers, he will let them pet or hug him though he might still be a little shy. With treats, he will warm up a bit faster! Hansel is a darling boy who likes kids and likes to be cuddled. He loves food and is not food aggressive towards people and other dogs but when it comes to his siblings, they all must wait until he finishes his food before they can eat. Trying to be the king HA! Like his siblings, he eats really fast so will need to teach him to eat slower! Hansel goes outside for potty and will use the peepad when inside. He is ok with cats and will want to go close to them.