【Age】2 years & 11 months

  (Est. Born in April 2017 (est.))


【Weight】17 kg


Hana was found on a dark raining night in May 2019 and she was lying on the side of the road barely breathing, next to her puppies that she just gave birth of. The rescuer quickly rushed Hana and her puppies to the vet and then fostered Hana ever since. Hana is now fully recovered, healthy and ready to find her forever loving family to start her second chance in life. Hopefully, she’ll get to meet her daughter who is already in Vancouver as well!


Hana is a Formosan mix and fully grown in size. She loves to play with her doggie friends and meeting new friends. She is great with people and loves to snuggle up on the couch. Hana adores children and she is great and gentle with children. Hana is not afraid of strangers and she will sometimes go up to say hi to strangers and enjoy a few pets and kisses from them. Hana loves food and she doesn’t guard her food against people, but sometimes to other dogs, though not to the dogs that she’s living with. Hana is housetrained, but accidents is still expected when being in a new environment. This sweet little girl loves to play with her toys and will even play with them belly up! Hana is good with cats. When Hana meets cats who are more dominant, she will get scared and wants to stay away from them. However, when Hana meets cats who are quiet and calm, she will want to sniff and make friends with them. Hana is scared of very loud sound such as fireworks and ambulance siren. Hana is very affectionate, very loyal, very gentle and very smart. If her human is busy on their own stuff, Hana will stay quietly by her human’s side and waiting patiently for her human’s break time that she can show how much she loves her human!