Hamburger  *Adopted*


【Age】1 year & 2 months old

  (Est. Born on May 20, 2018)


【Weight】18 kg


Hamburger and his sister were found wandering around a breakfast shop where the owner would secretly feed him leftover bread or bacon. But some of the neighbours there didn’t like the strays living around there and called the animal control to capture them. The breakfast shop owner didn’t want the dogs to go into the shelter, so she quickly reached out to the love mum who came and took them home to take care of them and getting ready to find their new homes!


Hamburger has been living with a foster family for over 8 months for socialization training, but he is still shy with strangers and requires a family with love and patient to help him open up. Hamburger used to be terrified of other dogs (we assume he was bullied by other stray dogs before), but now he can naturally sniff with other dogs to make acquaintance. If the other dog is unfriendly, he will run away still. Hamburger is nervous around strangers, but he will let strangers to pet him if they approach him slowly and gently, but he will startle and run away if there are big movements. On the other hand, Hamburger is super affectionate, cuddly, playful to people he trusts and he loves to be hugged very much! It might take some time to earn his trust, but once earned, it will be so worthy. He will approach and sniff strangers if they pretend not to see him. Hamburger is house-trained that he knows to potty outdoor and he also knows to use training pad at home as well. Hamburger is well-behaved at home that he is quiet and doesn’t chew on furniture. He is very comfortable to stay at home alone and play with his toys quietly. Hamburger walks well on a leash that he doesn’t pull the leash, however, he is a curious little boy of the outdoors and very curious about cats and birds as well.